Thursday, September 11, 2014

the rediscovery | bourjois color boost lip crayon

For those of us who love beauty in the United States, we have it pretty good. Prices here are relatively low, and we have a truly overwhelming variety of products available to us.

There are a few brands, though, that are much harder to find in the States that our friends across the pond can find in every Boots and Superdrug around. Among these covetable brands is Bourjois, one of my favorite drugstore brands that I finally got to play with when I studied abroad last fall. While I was living in the United Kingdom, Bourjois's Color Boost lip crayons took the high street by storm: just about every beauty blogger was featuring them, and nary a negative review was to be found.

I ended up buying one of every shade except Orange Punch throughout my time in England, although I've given away or had to throw away all but one of them: Red Sunrise. A lovely sheer-medium red with pink undertones, it's a no-fuss balmy lipstick in the vein of your typical chubby stick. I have to be careful while eating with it on, but it fades beautifully, and it feels comfortable on the lips. It doesn't last for ten hours on me as the long-faded packaging would claim, but it does last well with only minor touchups needed if I eat or drink a lot of tea.

If you live in the States, these babies will cost you about the same as a lipstick (before shipping, that is), and I think they're worth it. I heartily recommend these if you're interested in a comfortable, balmy lip color that's fairly easy to maintain.

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